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Fast Track Your Wholesale FBA Business!

We have built a HUGE catalogue of A+ Suppliers that we will give you access to!
Leverage Our Insider Knowledge:
Fast Track You Wholesale FBA Business!
We have built a HUGE catalogue of A+ Suppliers that we will give you access to!

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Benefit from a consistent ROI and sustainable business

Alex Saal

Founder and CEO of Alpha Distribution Hub

Alex Saal, the founder and CEO of Alpha Distribution Hub, is an accomplished entrepreneur with a passion for e-commerce. With years of experience, he has built a reputation for helping investors achieve financial success through profitable Amazon stores.

Under Alex’s leadership, Alpha Distribution Hub has become a trusted partner for those seeking passive income opportunities. His commitment to excellence ensures that Alpha Distribution Hub consistently delivers top-notch solutions and results for its partners.


Frequently Asked Questions

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On your free consultation call, one of our account managers will answer all of your questions and provide more resources so you can decide if partnering with Automated Assets Groups is your best option.

It usually takes a month before your store is running and your first inventory purchase is sent into your FBA account at which point you’ll begin to see sales. It takes 3-6 months until your Store scales to it’s full operating potential and maximizes your desired level of Inventory Purchasing Power.

Based upon our experience, an average client spends 3-6 hours per month on this business at the end of the day it’s your store it’s your asset. Your main responsibility will be to purchase more inventory, and make sure you’re collecting Amazon payouts and paying off your inventory purchases.

Yes and Yes. 100% of our Operation is done in house in our warehouses in the U.S. We source inventory from brands, distributors, and wholesalers across the U.S. and Disperse this inventory from our warehouses to our partner Store’s FBA accounts.

Amazon only allows 1 Seller per household. They track IP addresses to ensure this is upheld.‍

We leverage client’s capital to allow them to earn cash flow on Amazon passively while we take a percentage of that and are able to scale.

No – for the marketplace to be saturated there would have to be more sellers than buyers on Amazon on a month-to-month basis. 4M seller accounts vs 200M Prime Subscribers. $502.19B in revenue on Amazon in 2022.3rd Party sellers make up 50% of Amazon’s total sales.

Why Choose Automated Assets Groups For Your Done-With-You

Ecommerce Store?

Automated Assets Groups is a leading e-commerce automation company, specializing in creating and managing Amazon stores for investors seeking a passive income opportunity. Our experienced team has a track record of success.

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