About Automated Asset Group

We believe in helping investors, professionals and busy individuals gain direct exposure to the eCommerce industry, without having to do all the heavy lifting.
We embody our core values to provide be your dependable ecommerce partner, execute on our mission, and build strong relationships.

150+ Team Members Dedicated to Our Clients’ Success

Meet Our Team

Automated Asset Group is an eCommerce business development firm that creates online assets, guided by proprietary tech to provide investors exposure to the growing eCommerce Landscape.

Shuvov Z

Logistic Operation Manager

Hassan M.


Nahid H.

Assistant Admin

Kausar A.

Human Resources

Maraduz Z


Sanjana Y.

Client Relations

Maheena A

Amazon Brand Manager

Umair F.

Senior Operations Manager

Michael S.

VP of Operations

Adam F.

Logistics Manager

Maria G.

Client Relations Manager

Jacob C.

Compliance Manager & Senior Software Developer

Luke H.

Senior Sales Director

Our Core Values

Trust and Integrity

At the core of everything we do, every decision we make comes down to the intent and how we choose to work together. This is is a core foundational element to our team and is essential for our working environment.

Proactive not Reactive

As the pace with company growth increases, what we achieve for ourselves and our clients comes from thinking, acting a step ahead. Every decision we make we strive to be 5 steps ahead rather than being reactive.

Extreme Ownership, No Excuses

Mistakes happen but how we handle and react to them makes all the difference. This is a non negotiable, and our team loves it.

Nobody is above the team

Each and every one of us are accountable to one another and responsible for the achievement of our goals and our company mission. Collaboration is key to inspire innovation and growth.

Show Me Don’t Tell Me

We are a data driven company and have transparency in everything we do. This is to provide clarity of communication internally for our teams but also to optimize for growth personally and professionally.

What Our Clients Have To Say

We take pride in making sure our team culture and cohesion is upbeat even when the workload or stress may be high.

Our Winning ‍Architecture.

“We’ve built a great infrastructure that has allowed us to secure branded items for our Amazon store that most sellers can’t access! Due to us having operations integrated, we’re able to capitalize on trends, source products fast and ensure product integrity at our facilities. ”
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